Take a peak into the world of Alexandra M, a modern Cretan goddess

Danai from Metohi Kindelis Farm recommended a place called Maiami, and Alexandra Manousakis, the owner.

Maiami (in Greek) is a restaurant (brasserie), a new place in Chania, in the Koum Kapi area, east of the port, formerly known as a working-class area (like Brooklyn fifteen years ago). Art deco buildings by the sea, windows, and doors in salmon colors. Maiami reminds me of California and movies from the 80s. Minimalistic design with a Mediterranean accent in the shades of blue, pink, yellow, and, of course, pineapple cocktails in the announcement.

The place is marked by Alexandra’s strong signature. There are tables with her ceramics, furniture, and paintings because it is her creative space, restaurant, boutique, and studio where she creates. Aleksandra created a modern gallery for herself, where her paintings and furniture are exhibited, where her favorite dishes are eaten, from plates she made herself.

In addition to Maiami, she and her husband are the creators and owners of the famous wineries Manousakis, as well as the restaurant Salis in Chania.

Born and raised in America, Alexandra moved to Crete to follow her roots. However, what interested me the most was her multiple creativity. She is a super multi-talented woman, but the need to create and portray an inner struggle in paintings and ceramics won out.

We met in her studio where we talked about parents, America, the integration of creative work and business within ourselves, the position of women in Crete, and the reasons why she creates. It seems to me that art is her meditation and escape, a place where she can be alone and connected to herself through creation. Topics of interest are relationships between people, how others learn from us, how much we change about others, the influence of the Internet on each of us individually, and also the fear for the future of new generations.
That’s how the Influencer table or chair was born, on which you can’t sit because it’s embossed (in layers that don’t allow you to sit down:)

Her art is like an appeal, a high note of warning. Large canvases, intense colors, and oversized messages. Elements of Greek mythology in conjunction with contemporary. She makes you wonder, often through sarcasm and humor.

Alexandra Manousakis is a modern Cretan goddess. It proudly represents women and their strong influence on society through creativity and the need to discuss. To write the truth in capital letters.

A few days ago, the group exhibition Shapes of stores opened in the @theblendergallery gallery in Athens, where Aleksandra is exhibiting her works for the first time.

We wish her much success, and I will personally make sure that Belgrade can see and hear it too.


The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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