You have come to my best place. There you will ride like on a children’s carousel in a park with heroes from a fairy tale (which you ride and grab by the ears),  in circles until your head spins.

I will tell you stories about artists, creators of magic. I will travel to places where everything seems impossible to get or enter. Then you will want the same…

I will take you to festivals, concerts, through galleries and museums, workshops and studios where it is created. To tickle your fancy, I will enter old hotels and restaurants where turbulent history has left its mark. Inspirations at flea markets are the most beautiful when things are sold by their owners, and they have a story that you pass on.

Finally, I create all those stories with the purpose to build bridges between us and to become collectors, not consumers.

Get in touch with your impressions, write me postcards…

Your curator and narrator,

Nataša Nikodijević Savin

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