Zavodljiva Modlica i njene torte zvane Žudnja

Seductive Modlica and her cakes called Lust

She came to Belgrade with the attitude of an irresistible girl, a princess, a girl with a pearl earring. “Here I am, I have arrived, please open the door”.
I’m sure Paris would also open the door for her and give her a deep bow.

She is Jelena from Novi Sad, a lawyer. I call her Modlica. You can’t help but beat her somehow, because she’s simply irresistible.

The owner of the Modla 180C brand, who makes authentic, sophisticated and seductive cakes, cakes, donuts, bread… She makes what she likes, how she likes it. She revises recipes, eliminates sugar, adds what he needs to feel. She tries the unconquerable peaks in the game of seduction.

She seduced me, I admit.

Tina was also seduced, captivated by Jelena’s story, she tried the chestnut cake Jelena made just for us.

Modla 180C are not just treats. It is the whole story and unique experience of a refined lady, a sexy girl with a big smile. She talks and hums while she creates.

Tina asks her how she manages to make 10 cakes in one day, how is it even done, is the mixture made for all 10 at once? No, I make one at a time. Moulds by moulds.
There are no bigger or smaller ones. Not by a kilo or half. Only on her moulds.

I really liked the story about her moulds as a measure of things. She has a measure for everything, knows herself and knows what music her cakes like to listen to while she is making them.

Yes, she doesn’t just make cookies or cakes. She creates them. It’s strange to me that every cake doesn’t have its own name and surname. I was nervous when I put the first bite in my mouth. Silence and confusion. Is it possible that this cake tastes and smells like Jelena, like her story and her integrity…

And if they only knew how demanding and discerning she is. She easily says No, no, no…until it really is Yes.

While we were talking, orders were coming in, over 20 fans of her creations were patiently waiting for a response. Because Jelena knows each of her customers, what they like, how and when. She knows their birthdays, she has been with them for years whenever they want her perfume to enter their lives. Aaah, what perfumes of chocolate, butter, cinnamon, apple… And seasonal, summer, spring, scents of nature and the sweetness of life.

You will surely fall in love with Jelena, so be careful when you order a cake for your birthday. You might get pure Love in a cake, a gift you’ll never forget.


Modla 180C @modla180c

Fotografija @tinatmaric

The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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Nataša Nikodijević Savin
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A creative leader in business.
Entrepreneur. An artist. Curator and narrator.
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