Lidija Lešić moderna renesansna ikona stila

Lidija Lešić, a modern renaissance icon of style

If Leonardo da Vinci were here today, he would surely have painted Lidija. I see her as Isabelle D’Este, the first lady of the Italian Renaissance who was an influential person, patron of the arts and known for innovative styles in fashion. Just like Lidija, she loved being painted (Titian, Mantegna, Da Vinci).

Lidija is a warm and emotional, yet strong and persistent woman of the new era who creates new trends and sets new standards in fashion and design.

I wanted to see her and hear directly from her, how she managed it all: to make a successful career as a model, and then to create a sustainable brand on her own. It is a platform where you can find exclusively handmade products from organic materials, which Lidija imagines and creates. All products are handmade by women in Slavonia.

Lidija always liked to wear crocheted things. Even when she was little, she asked her mother to make her crochet things for her Barbies. Of course, it is no coincidence that her mother is also a super creative woman who managed to produce Lidia’s “first steps in design”.

Today Lidija collaborates with talented women in Slavonia, who diligently create everything she comes up with (oversized earrings made of paper thread, crocheted caps and hats, bags, swimwear or crop tops made of silk thread). Each piece is special and unique.

It’s not easy to make pieces like this. Again, each of them has its own story, its own character. Behind every one of those pieces, stands She and her huge heart for people, and even greater respect for all jobs and professions. That part of Lidija is a priceless gift. Her refined style and beauty, which you may sometimes see on oil canvases in large museums, is only a fraction of the impression I will remember.

Recently, Lidija embarked on another ambitious project: Lissa Home, a house with apartments in the historic part of the town of Vis, which she and her husband renovated themselves and turned into a space where guests will not feel like tourists, but like at home.

Kisses & see you soon in Belgrade.


The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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