Lazar Dragojević

Lazar Dragojević: The Star is born!

Lazar was born as a star. He worked intensively to make sure everything went as he imagined. He is completely devoted to acting. Acting is not a job for him, acting is everything! A lifetime and more. On the day he plays a play in the theater, he is excited all day. It’s all about that special feeling.

Lazar graduated from the Academy in Sarajevo, and I saw him for the first time at the SFF in 2019, in the film “Take me somewhere nice”. He has that something that makes you remember the shots of some European auteur films forever. He is not acting, he is playing himself, each time a little or a little more.

“This hand will hold the Oscar, I know it for sure!”

Let’s make a bet!”, says Lazar in a raised tone.

We don’t have to bet. Lazar’s talent and the face you remember as a young Sean Penn or Timothée Chalamet are already signing nominations.

Lazar received a message via Instagram to come to the casting for the Spanish series that will be broadcast on Netflix. He didn’t sleep for 5 days, he studied Spanish and was shaking with excitement. He knew he would pass just as he knows he will win an Oscar one day.

Confidence and faith that shakes your stomach but convinces you that everything is possible and there is no reason to doubt.

His best friends are his mother and father, actors, and his sister, who is also studying acting. His parents are also the funniest friends who cheer him on and whose opinion he trusts the most. Lazar is lucky to have a strong back in the family.

Mom got him hooked on EKV and rock&roll. Mom is from Vrbas. The best memories are from the train to Vrbas. When you’re little, that train goes for a long time, and you know it’s taking you to the place you’ve been dreaming about all year.

Lazar is full of imagination, he arranges the words from the script carefully into some exciting images only for him. He takes them out and rearranges them when he needs them. He plays, sings, speaks whatever languages he needs.

And what nervousness he still has before the performance! What a crescendo of emotions before going on stage!

On Lazar, you can see that acting is part of his DNA, it is his greatest strength and weapon.

Remember this name!

The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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