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Anja Obradović has a serious mission: to connect worlds that look and understand each other, recognize and network through visual art. Anja is a curator and art historian who founded gallery Hestia, art residency and exhibitions bureau.

Our story started from the very beginning, inspirations. One of Anja‘s first inspirations was the exhibition in MOMA in 2016, exploration of parallel art projects through activism in Latin America and Eastern Europe in the 60s and 70s. During this period artists worked in similar political and economic contexts from Prague to Buenos Aires and developed intercultural networks to spread ideas.

This is how the idea arose to somehow continue this type of research, in order to see where today we find similarities between current social events on different continents, and through artworks from the fields of ethnography, anthropology, social sciences and history. From that need, a residence is born, a space where the artist can live for a few months and research until the work is created.

Anja has lived in several countries and languages ​​are her passion. Perhaps precisely because she does not know exactly where her (one) house is, she is attracted to countries where, after the first sentence (“I like your accent”), they open the doors of their houses and art studios to her.

She travels, discovers new artists and designs projects with them. Artists spend a certain amount of time in the gallery, they live there, they explore a certain topic that is often related to the local or regional context. Their works are exhibited in the gallery, some of the works then go to fairs or have premieres in some of the world’s galleries.

Her life is like densely edited material on a movie tape with many actors and changing locations. These films are broadcast in several parts of the world at the same time. I am speechless. While she was telling me about previous exhibitions, artists, how ideas and works were created… I imagined all those stories on the cinema screen and myself in the dark following this life-long transcultural project.

The story about the artists in residence Nicolas Grum & Isabel Torres Molina from Chile deeply touched me. They were exploring the topic of (never realised) Museum of the Revolution, which was supposed to be opened in 1981. according to Tito’s idea.

They travelled around the republics of the former Yugoslavia and studied the blueprints, newspaper articles and archival documentation.

Suddenly their project had to change the course. In October 2019, a revolution broke out in Chile. As an organic need and response of the artists, an exhibition took place in the form of a spatial installation, where works about events in their country were presented.

The exhibition was called “My Biggest Fear Is That This Stops and Everything Continues To Be The Same”.

I am sure Anja would be an excellent ambassador of culture in any part of the world, her language is recognized by artists and adored by actors, friends from the world of sports or science.

Anja is not afraid of empty space, her personal space is full of incredible projects that leave serious traces on the artistic world map.

She is also a parachute jumper. She is brave and fearless. She loves her life choices and knows how to protect them.

Hestia is a safe place for artists all over the world, a place of connection and liberation.

Bravo, Anja.

Currently in Hestia: Biljana Djurdjevic’s The Last Supper, until May 12, 2024.



Deo fotografija preuzet sa

The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

Exhibition My biggest fear is that this stops and everything continues to be the same
Exhibition The Last supper
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