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Once upon a time, there were art circles, societies, and salons that served as gathering places for artists, philosophers, scientists, writers, poets, innovators and creators. They were a vital part of social and cultural life (the example of the “Friendly Society of Lovers of the Beautiful” in St. Petersburg in the 1800s).

When I first heard about House of Beautiful Business I remembered those from movies and literature.

Tim Leberecht and Till Grusche founded a global society for people with beautiful minds.
The audience and members of this society are people who create and want to change themselves and the world around them to be a better, more beautiful, and humane place to live.

“Transformation is only possible at the personal, organizational and social level if we share emotional experiences that gently push us out of our comfort zone and create a safe space for uncertain ideas.”

Every year, a big event is organized in Lisbon, where more than 400 members gather to hear lectures and actively participate in workshops, events, and intimate dinners. Online lectures, projects, and dinners are organized throughout the year.

I will mention only a few names of speakers who blew my mind: Priya Parker (The Art of Gathering), John Hagel (Beyond Our Edge), Esther Blazquez Blanco (Deep Business Connection), Esther Perel (Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author), Moon Ribas (Cyborg Foundation), Estela Renner (Entertainment against the Climate Crises), Susan Cain (# 1 Bestselling Author of Quiet and Bittersweet).

After every experience I have had at these gatherings, I feel that I have gone through a deep realization of some new parts of myself that include new knowledge, energy, and communication with people who have similar interests, but also the courage to embark on new experiences.

What does it take for business leaders to cope with the new constellation?
Why is it important to get together and exchange ideas now (after a pandemic) maybe, more than ever? What have we learned in the meantime?

What is private and intimate for us, and what is business? What will business life look like without this first one? The future of communication, sales, relationships, and our planet.

In Belgrade, we organized two gatherings, Art of Belonging in Dorćol Platz and The Great Wave in Compote. We are planning something new soon.

If you are interested in at least one of these questions, visit the House of Beautiful Business website and get informed on how you can get involved.


The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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Nataša Nikodijević Savin
Curated by Nataša

Producer (by degree and DNA structure).
A creative leader in business.
Entrepreneur. An artist. Curator and narrator.
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