Stefan Stanojević

Stefan Stanojević, 3D plastic and neo romanticism

Stefano’s works are noisy, you can hear their breathing in the distance. And again, the place where they are created is Petrovaradin, where time stands still, and the old Vojvodina houses hide their sleepy fellow citizens with large gates.

I thought he inherited the old house with the yard from his grandmother, but he didn’t. However, it is true that his grandmother lived in the area and that the area is well known to him.

Workshop, studio, training ground, design center, office and gallery.

Stefan is an artist who has clear boundaries and is happy to set them. We have experienced the limits of creative work in marketing agencies.
What exactly does it mean to be a creative in agencies if your client changes every idea and asks you to work against yourself? That’s why Stefan ran away from the agency and now he does what he wants, with his ideas, in the materials and techniques he imagines.

Jazz is playing in the courtyard, and there is a mural on the wall in colors that spray from plastic guns and change as the clouds settle in above. The topic is the national liberation struggle. The inspiration is the monument in Niš. The winners, the heroes in his fight plasticized, round, purple and pink. Guns are children’s toys, clothes of comic heroes from futuristic movies. Colorful, plasticized extremism in view of possible reality.

The heroes won, they saved the country from the enemy, and we celebrate with cognac and music from the radio.

The heroine of the day is Leonardo’s lady with an ermine, Stefano’s neo-futurist girl (spray on canvas, 170×180). She is strange and out of place. No one has seen or met her, but we all talk about her.

Who knows how Stefan’s inspirations decided to come out at this particular station.
We previously talked about the painting “Still Life” (160×190, spray on canvas) where you can see elements from 3 different lives of heroes from unknown eras. A fish is lying on an antique porcelain soup bowl, underneath is toothpaste that is leaking a little, and in the center is a broken butt, or part of a sculpture that the artist expertly combined into a symphony that you don’t even have to try to understand.

Everything magnetically pleases the observer. Stefano’s art is grandiosely superior and cheekily delicate and refined.

His 3D-printed plastic sculptures are sticking out of walls on streets across Europe. Small, round, plastic and dominantly emphasized (overemphasized) by the artist’s attitude: go where the hand shows you the direction, but the direction is never one, there are as many as the eyes can see (sculpture “This way”, pink plastic).

Stefan, thank you for the freshly cut lawn, the story about everything without an end and a beginning, and most of all thanks for that picture you accidentally showed me, and social networks would have banned us from posting it. It is an honor and a pleasure to meet you.


The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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