My vintage life

M.o.t.h. vintage, Deee Vintage, Mango sticky rice vintage, Buried Clothes, Inga Mastelic (personally), Mau Mau, Atelje Gole, Department Store Belgrade, Hamlet Vintage, and many other wonderful people and shops where I had a great time. I accidentally discovered them on Instagram or on the streets of New York, London, Lisbon, Berlin, Istanbul, Zagreb, and Belgrade.

Second-hand and vintage stores have forever reminded me of theater funds.
You come in and dress up. You play a new self.

When someone asks me about my style and what I like to wear, I always say they come to look at my wardrobe. You can find anything there. It’s as if a couple of me live in that closet: the strict one who wants to be an adult and serious (she likes white shirts that she sometimes irons), the one who never stopped loving the 80’s (collars, wide strapless dresses, short viscose jackets in bright colours, 501, jeans with suspenders, the first models of Nike and All Star, Flashdance, Duran Duran, and then the old hotel Esplanada, Jadranka hotels in Lošinj, Jugoplastika Split, Mirjana Marić).
And then there is the one who loves summer and dresses and changes several times a day (as long as I can remember).

I learned a lot about myself by hanging out with these girls. What one will find at a flea market or in someone’s closet, at her friend’s or her mother, aunt, or grandmother, depends on her energy. Each of them is different. Let’s take, for example, my dear Sonja, the owner of M.o.t.h Vintage. We only met through Zoom, and she usually doesn’t reply to my messages for weeks. But when she does, a miracle happens. Her catches are something special. Sophisticated. Nourished. Guarded. Evergreen. When she sends me a package from Zagreb, the things I choose remind her of her, her apartment, books, furniture, everything she signs with her choice.

And we take care of each other and the ideas we believe in. We preserve nature, hate trends, and fast fashion. We look further and never stop.

P.S. This weekend in Zagreb, spring pop up, @anacarevic and @ m.o.t.h._vintage in Klub Dubrovčana, Gundulićeva 55.
Are we going together?

The characters and events in this story are partly fictitious. Any apparent similarity to real persons or events is intended by the author and is either a coincidence or the product of your own troubled imagination.

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Nataša Nikodijević Savin
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Producer (by degree and DNA structure).
A creative leader in business.
Entrepreneur. An artist. Curator and narrator.
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