A magical elixir of love from Island Vis

Hilda and Gary, what an incredible couple, with so much energy and love for life. At their essence they are pure magic, showing us all how important creativity is in our lives. And they have given us a gift of love: botanical, artisan gin Hum 587, infused by lemon and 13 carefully chosen herbs on […]

How the film found Lopud and how Lopud played the main role

This year, the third Film Festival Ponta Lopud was held. It is said that such a special festival could only be created out of pure love: for the film and for Lopud. For 4 days, this small island lives and breathes the film along with its participants. Locals joke that they are already used to […]

Stefan Stanojević, 3D plastic and neo romanticism

Stefan Stanojević

Stefano’s works are noisy, you can hear their breathing in the distance. And again, the place where they are created is Petrovaradin, where time stands still, and the old Vojvodina houses hide their sleepy fellow citizens with large gates. I thought he inherited the old house with the yard from his grandmother, but he didn’t. […]

A journey in color with Kristina Simić

Kristina Simić

In her gaze, I see colors and lines, dots and drops, lots of puddles and water in which her hand or part of her dress is mirrored. In each of her steps, I see the possibility for a new photo in which a purple detail will cover the green setting, and a refined female hand […]

Gatsby on Brijuni

On Saturday 22.4.2023. we celebrated 100 years of golf in Brijuni. Glamour, costumes, 1920s golf gear, swing, jazz and the Charleston. The so-called Hickory golf or old fashioned golf. It all started in 1893, when the rich industrialist Paul Kupelwieser bought Brijune and turned it into a fashionable resort. Gentlemen from all over the world […]

Lazar Dragojević: The Star is born!

Lazar Dragojević

Lazar was born as a star. He worked intensively to make sure everything went as he imagined. He is completely devoted to acting. Acting is not a job for him, acting is everything! A lifetime and more. On the day he plays a play in the theater, he is excited all day. It’s all about […]

Seductive Modlica and her cakes called Lust

Zavodljiva Modlica i njene torte zvane Žudnja

She came to Belgrade with the attitude of an irresistible girl, a princess, a girl with a pearl earring. “Here I am, I have arrived, please open the door”.I’m sure Paris would also open the door for her and give her a deep bow. She is Jelena from Novi Sad, a lawyer. I call her […]

Manousos Chalkiadikis – from mythology to exciting ceramic creations

Manousos Chalkiadakis

Manousos Chalkiadakis welcomed me in his yard, along with his cat friends who proudly follow him everywhere.He lives in the village of Paidohori, in a Venetian house from the 18th century that he renovated and made an artistic nest. Each room is dedicated to a certain theme, memory, or life event, or a space where […]

Take a peak into the world of Alexandra M, a modern Cretan goddess

Danai from Metohi Kindelis Farm recommended a place called Maiami, and Alexandra Manousakis, the owner. Maiami (in Greek) is a restaurant (brasserie), a new place in Chania, in the Koum Kapi area, east of the port, formerly known as a working-class area (like Brooklyn fifteen years ago). Art deco buildings by the sea, windows, and […]

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