Timeless Lošinj

Whether it was all just in my head or not, it doesn’t even matter anymore because the magic was created. My childhood was filled with fairy-tale scenography from which I made up stories and created a large part of my life through imagination. My family spent 12 years during summer in Mali Losinj, long enough […]

Mystical encouters in Jurjevska

I arrived in Zagreb, night had already fallen and the winding steep streets lead me to a part of the city that I had never seen before. This is a hill above the upper town, high, calm and serene as if in the middle of some Austro-Hungarian village, somewhat forgotten. There is no one on […]

The Story about Mango Sticky Rice Vintage Store in Zagreb

Mango Sticky Rice Vintage

Her shop looks like a living room. There is another life in it and its household members have characters from the novels of Stefan Zweig or Thomas Mann.The living room is warm and smells like mulled wine. We listen to old Zagreb singer-songwriters vinyl and look at photos from family gatherings in the 1960s. We […]

Jagoda Buić, my great imaginary friend

Jagoda Buić

For the first time I saw the so-called spatial tapestries (monumental textile installations) in the Tate Gallery in early 2023, at the Magdalena Abakanovich exhibition. Tapestry never appealed to me as an favorite artistic discipline, but these were representations of living beings with arms and legs, each with a wing or a third ear, with […]

With Lordan on Vis

Lordan Zafranović

I’ve always loved summer movies. Those hidden spots near the waterfront added excitement to warm nights on various Croatian islands. Sometimes my sister and I went to the cinema alone while our parents sat in a bar. Mom loved to play and everything transformed to “cinema”, so she would sneak into the cinema for the […]

Terra Museum in Kikinda, lonely and unique

Muzej Terra u Kikindi

Probably the largest sculpture museum in the Balkans, in a place that you won’t discover so easily. Former military barracks in the forest, hidden and proud. Terracotta sculptures by artists from all over the world are presented in it. And that’s for the story, to be passed down for generations… Driving to Kikinda introduces me […]

Lidija Lešić, a modern renaissance icon of style

Lidija Lešić moderna renesansna ikona stila

If Leonardo da Vinci were here today, he would surely have painted Lidija. I see her as Isabelle D’Este, the first lady of the Italian Renaissance who was an influential person, patron of the arts and known for innovative styles in fashion. Just like Lidija, she loved being painted (Titian, Mantegna, Da Vinci). Lidija is […]

A magical elixir of love from Island Vis

Hilda and Gary, what an incredible couple, with so much energy and love for life. At their essence they are pure magic, showing us all how important creativity is in our lives. And they have given us a gift of love: botanical, artisan gin Hum 587, infused by lemon and 13 carefully chosen herbs on […]

How the film found Lopud and how Lopud played the main role

This year, the third Film Festival Ponta Lopud was held. It is said that such a special festival could only be created out of pure love: for the film and for Lopud. For 4 days, this small island lives and breathes the film along with its participants. Locals joke that they are already used to […]

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